Delegation and Accountability

This course emphasizes the benefits of effective delegation and the expectation of accountability for individuals and the organization. Learners will examine practical, thoughtful approaches that promote effectiveness in both elements of managing performance. Self-assessments, individual reflection, group discussion, and scenario work are used to engage learners and build skills. The content is composed of key elements of our full Delegating for Success and Accountability at Work courses, presenting a condensed approach to those competencies.


 Learners Will:

  • Discuss the importance of delegation and accountability to the performance of a team 
  • Explore five stages of delegation and the steps that support successful delegation 
  • Explore the accountability/victim dynamic 
  • Discuss accountability from the perspective of a leader and an employee 
  • Create action plans to improve your skills and practices related to delegation and accountability


Why This Matters:

The ability to delegate tasks and responsibilities to employees and hold them accountable for results is central to any leadership role. Doing so is not without challenges, however. Learners get the opportunity to review best practices that support success in delegation and creating a culture of accountability on a team.


Delivery Options:

In-Person: Half day

Live-Online: One 3-hour instructor-led session


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