The Team

Steve Dion, Founder & CEO  

Steve has dedicated his career to understanding and improving workplace cultures through the creation and deployment of innovative leadership programs, executive coaching, team effectiveness programs, and talent assessment

Serving in corporate roles for over 25 years, Steve’s insights and practical strategies for creating long term behavior and culture change grew from his experience as a Chief Human Resources Officer with two Fortune 500 companies and a mid-size financial services organization. 

Steve has leveraged this real-world experience as a global business leader to provide leadership and organizational development consulting to mid-sized organizations and several global Fortune 1,000 companies for over a decade. While he enjoys working with all types of progressive organizations, Steve is particularly skilled at working within the manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, retail, and non-profit industries. He has seen firsthand the positive impact a people-centered culture can make on organizations.

Steve Dion-Founder & CEO-Dion Leadership

Steve Dion

Founder & CEO


“Leadership is hard work. To have followers, people must want to follow you.”

Committed to sharing his thought leadership with the training, leadership development, and organizational culture communities, Steve is a regular contributor to CEOWORLD, Chief Executive, Fast Company, ATD’s Talent Development Leader blog, HRCI’s HR Leads Business blog, and Training Industry

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our Detroit-based team is dedicated to delivering flawless engagements with a client-centered approach.

Dion Leadership-Team-Joe

Joe LaDuke

VP, Coaching and Consulting Services


Joe partners with our clients to craft solutions to solve their leadership and organizational development needs. He then engages our full team of resources to ensure we deliver results!

When not working, Joe enjoys time with his family, training in martial arts, and restoring old furniture.


Account Executive


Ann works with clients to scope, organize, and manage the delivery of projects.  She directs our coaches & consultants to ensure we deliver on the promises in our statement of work and exceed your expectations.

In her free time, Ann likes to hang out with her family and get outside for hikes through the woods.

Dion-Team-Images-Christie Banners

Christie Banners

Account Executive


Christie works with clients to scope, organize, and manage the delivery of projects.  She directs our coaches & consultants to ensure we deliver on the promises in our statement of work and exceed your expectations.

Outside of work, Christie loves to spend time outdoors with her family, friends, and her dog. She’s also an avid reader of all sorts of books and enjoys creating in the kitchen.


Client Delivery


Lauren leads the delivery of group development, team development, and pre-hire assessment client projects. She oversees the printing and shipping of all materials for virtual and in-person training sessions. She is the system administrator for all of our technology platforms.

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys spending time with her family and teaching ski lessons during the winter.

Dion-Team-Marshae Brazier Leadership Development Specialist

Marshae Brazier

Leadership Development


Marshae coordinates the delivery of leadership development, team development, coach selection, and pre-hire assessments for clients. 

Marshae is a family-oriented person, who enjoys fishing, going to the movies, or having a peaceful moment sitting by a lake or river in her free time. She has a passion for learning and development and loves to see people grow.

Dion Leadership-Team-Genevieve Steffes Leadership Development Specialist.png

Genevieve Steffes

Leadership Development


Genevieve coordinates the delivery of leadership development, team development, coach selection, and pre-hire assessments for clients. 
Genevieve is a homebody at heart who also loves to spend time outside with her family – biking and walking her dog.  She also enjoys reading (especially historical fiction and fantasy), watching TV (Doctor Who is a current favorite), and singing (mostly in the car these days). 

Terri Schell

Practice Leader, Learning & Development


Terri is passionate about leading a team that develops new, engaging learning content.  She works with clients to develop large-scale group development programs that combine multi-modality learning.  She supports our facilitators and clients as they prepare for and deliver high quality learning events.

When she is not working, Terri enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, watching baseball games, and going to Springsteen concerts.

Dion Leadership-Team-Images-Stan Greene

Stan Greene

Practice Leader, Leadership Coaching


Stan coaches individual leaders and leadership teams to enhance their ability to align their intention with their impact. By helping leaders combine the presence embodied in leadership mindset with the tools that constitute leadership skillset, he motivates commitment and action to create exceptional organizational performance.

Stan spends his leisure time enjoying the resort vibe and natural setting near his Saugatuck, Michigan home and exploring craft breweries.

Lisa Shannon

Marketing and Business Development Consultant


Lisa’s creativity provides our engaging digital marketing experience and coordinates with our team to produce new thought leadership for your ongoing learning. She is always ready to respond to new inquiries and help onboard client partners.

After hours, Lisa is often driving one her three teenagers to their various activities or walking along the San Francisco Bay near her home.

Elizabeth Doss

Finance Manager


Elizabeth leads our accounting and finance team. She provides invoicing, collections, reporting, and data management to clients as needed. She tirelessly works to align to your procurement and accounting team requirements.

In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her dog, friends, and enjoying nature.

Coaches & Consultants

Interested in meeting one or more of the talented individuals who make will make your engagement positively unforgettable? Contact us and we will happily match our team with your needs.

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