Business Simulations

Unique Virtual Learning Experiences for Leadership Development and Team Building

Our business simulations feature a proven structured-learning process based on best practices in experiential learning, team dynamics, social learning, and game-based education.

Designed to be used for a targeted, stand-alone training session or integrated into your virtual and blended learning courses, participants will learn critical concepts, build team camaraderie, and engage in their personal development. All this, while having a bit of fun!

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Business Simulations are Ideal For

  • Capstone events that mark the completion of a leadership development program
  • Leadership team off-sites or strategy sessions
  • Events intended to focus the organization on a critical topic
  • New team formation or project launches
  • Enhancement to a training class
  • Executive team development events
  • Team building exercises
Business Simulation-Skills

Game-Based Learning Works.

Business Simulation Learning Benefit

“Game-based learning can significantly accelerate the transfer and application of knowledge. Enterprises should leverage the scalability and immersive characteristics of games to accelerate the time to competency and the depth of competence.”

— Gartner Research.

Featured Courses


Business Acumen Simulation

There are ten recurring dilemmas in leading any business. Participants learn to manage them all in a risk-free environment with XSIM (Business Acumen Simulation). This engaging business simulation places participants an executive leadership team role of a highly successful global entertainment business – NetBox. They then encounter all ten business dilemmas while attempting to help NetBox keep up with the market.


Change Management Simulation

This engaging simulation equips participants with the skills need to manage and master change management through risk-free experiential learning. Managers and leaders learn the valuable skills needed to manage a prospective change with senior stakeholders. Chapter is conducted using a highly structured approach that blends gamification, informal and social learning, behavioral economics, and business simulation.

We have a variety of simulations to fit your needs.

Let us know what you are trying to accomplish, and we can provide a recommendation.

Simulation Learning Process

Dion Leadership-Process of Discovery

Business simulations are more effective than case studies. They work best when utilizing real-time data and the skills of a seasoned facilitator. 

Gamification engages learners to they learn and retain more information, leading to more lasting behavior change.

Studies show that informal or social learning accounts for 80% to 95% of all operationally relevant learning.

Great leadership starts with great leadership training.


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