A Change Management Business Simulation

This engaging simulation equips participants with the skills need to manage and master change management through risk-free experiential learning. Managers and leaders learn the valuable skills needed to manage a prospective change with senior stakeholders. INFLUENCE is conducted using a highly structured approach that blends gamification, informal and social learning, behavioral economics, and business simulation.

The Challenge

Players must strategize and plan a major change management project with senior stakeholders. As the stakeholders are likely more senior than the players, they lack direct authority to tell them anything! To mitigate this lack of authority participants need to develop indirect influencing skills and the ability (and courage) to be able to “borrow authority” whenever they get stuck. Players must build relationships and have authentic communication with stakeholders to succeed with the proposed change.

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    Dashboard to track progress

    Change projects runs for nine months over three rounds. Participants track their results each month on a visual dashboard and review learning at the end of each round.

    Stakeholder Interactions

    Each stakeholder has a talking avatar that offers information about themselves to help you build relationships and determine next interactions with them.

    Optional off-simulation role play with facilitator can offer further information.

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    Stakeholder Analysis

    The in-simulation Stakeholder Mapping App allows participants to analyze stakeholders across two critical dimensions — their attitude to the change versus their influence on the change. This helps determine engagement priorities.

    Skills Developed:

    • Understanding hierarchical and social power
    • Using stakeholder analysis to plan change
    • Developing rapport as a prerequisite to change
    • Dealing with different attitudes to change
    • Decision making under pressure
    • Time management
    • Managing change with agility
    • Managing new information effectively
    • Making effective indirect and group interventions

    “Game based learning can significantly accelerate the transfer and application of knowledge. Enterprises should leverage the scalability and immersive characteristics of games to accelerate the time to competency and the depth of competence.”

    —Gartner Research.

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