Executive Leadership Coaching

A One-on-One Approach  

Dion’s executive leadership coaching programs utilize assessment, feedback, and behavior-based development designed to improve performance in the new, hybrid workplace. Through deliberate practice and a continuous feedback loop, new and more-effective behaviors are integrated into daily business interactions. Our programs can be customized for leaders at all levels and designed to fit holistically into your organization’s current leadership initiatives

Our executive leadership coaching program is grounded in a cognitive behavioral learning model. When a coach helps their coachee focus on internal drivers for processing the world around them, the coachee is more likely to make a breakthrough and sustainable change, leading to better business results.

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Dion Leadership-Our Certified Coaches

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Dion Leadership-Our Certified Coaches

Our Certified Coaches

Our certified and experienced coaches utilize our established coaching process while bringing their own unique business and leadership expertise and industry knowledge to the process. This confidential and rich dialog allows the coachee to shift their mindsets, practice new habits, and try out new behaviors with the support of an experienced and trusted coach.

Built-In Reinforcement 

Every Dion Leadership coachee is automatically enrolled in our exclusive Dion Leadership Digest. This monthly, six-part email series is carefully crafted to help leaders sustain their coaching gains. Each new edition addresses a different leadership topic, such as authenticity or leadership mindset. Our team of certified coaches curates these valuable resources and provides meaningful insights into timely topics that support leaders in sustaining their coaching action plan.

Dion Leadership-Built-In Reinforcement

Select one or more leadership coaching programs that are right for your organization.

Executive Overview

Comprehensive coaching for leaders committed to developing in multiple leadership skill areas

Target Audience

  • Leaders at all levels of the organization with the desire to develop their leadership skills
  • High potential leaders
  • Hard-to-replace individuals that need to evolve with the organization
  • Individuals whose careers have hit a plateau

Duration: 9-12 months

Focus: 3 behaviors

Stakeholder Interviews: 3

Assessment: 360 + Self

Download Executive Coaching Overview PDF

Leader Integration Overview

Coaching to support a leader’s integration into a new role and/or the organization quickly

Target Audience

  • Leaders at all levels who have been recently hired or promoted
  • New to an internal role
  • New to the organization
  • Individual assuming his/her first leadership role

Duration: 6-9 months

Focus: 3 behaviors

Stakeholder Interviews: up to 6

Assessment: Self

Download Leader Integration Coaching Overview PDF

Talent Fit Overview

Coaching for leaders or individual contributors having difficulty meeting expectations

Target Audience

  • Underperforming leaders
  • Leaders with behavioral issues impeding their ability to be successful
  • Perceived mismatch between the role and the coachee’s abilities

Duration: 4-9 months

Focus: Situational

Stakeholder Interviews: 3

Assessment: situational

Download Talent Fit Coaching Overview PDF

Targeted Overview

Coaching for leaders or individual contributors committed to improve in one defined area

Target Audience

  • Leaders from any level of the organization looking to improve in a specific area from thinking to interpersonal skills
  • Leaders preparing for a promotion
  • Leaders preparing for organizational change

Duration: 3-6 months

Focus: 1 behavior

Stakeholder Interviews: 1

Assessment: Self

Download Targeted Coaching Overview PDF

Executive Overview

Supports effective succession planning by helping retirement-age leaders and key personnel intentionally consider, plan, and execute their departure from the organization.

Target Audience

  • Leaders considering retirement in 1-2 years
  • Leaders who may be struggling with the decision to retire from the organization
  • Long-tenured employees wanting 

Duration:  6 months

Focus: Facilitates an open and planful transition timeline, both for the leader and the company

Stakeholder Interviews: 1 (manager)

Assessment: Self

Download Capstone Coaching Overview PDF

Group Coaching Overview

4-6 like leaders participate in group coaching sessions once a month for six months

Target Audience

  • Leaders at any level of the organization looking to improve in a specific area from thinking to interpersonal skills
  • Leaders preparing for organizational change
  • Leaders preparing for a promotion
    Hard-to-replace individuals that need to evolve with the organization

Duration: 6 months

Focus: 1 behaviors

Stakeholder Interviews:  None

Assessment: 360 + Self

Download Group Coaching Overview PDF

Dion Coaching Overview

Dion Coaching Program Overview 2024 Chart


“In addition to the manager cohorts, the professional/leadership coaching with Lori was incredibly valuable. As a new CNO, I was asked to support our organization through the pandemic within my first year in this role. Throughout much of it, Lori was a constant who helped me to grow and develop as a leader, but also supported me in navigating the stressors of the environment to help build a more resilient and engaged workforce.”

Christopher Jordan

Chief Nursing Officer, St. Peters Acute Care Division

“We engaged Dion Leadership to augment our developmental programs for current and future executives in the form of executive coaching. The experience and expertise depth of their coaches is impressive. The fact that each coaching participant could select a coach who fit their specific needs ensured buy-in. Our coaching participants continually offer tangible examples of improved leadership acumen and performance as a result of their experiences with Dion Leadership’s coaches. We anticipate that this will pay dividends in organizational effectiveness and ROI. We are lining up more leaders to start coaching with Dion.”

O’Neil Franso

Corporate Vice President, Human Resources, H.W. Kaufman Group

“Simply put, Dion Leadership’s coaches help an already good leader get better. After experiencing the positive benefits of their coaching expertise for myself, I have used our partnership with Dion to help develop the talents of executives on my team”

Dan Isacksen

CFO, Trinity Health

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