Our Story

Let’s Start With Why… 

We understand that work makes up a large part of our life experience. We have seen firsthand how strong leaders and healthy cultures can help employees live up to their fullest potential. These leaders and organizations reap the benefits of loyalty and a commitment to strong growth and profits in the process. Yet many people are mired in toxic organizations, leaving them stressed, dissatisfied, and fully aware that they are not achieving all that they are capable of.

“We know there is a better way…because we have seen a better way!”

Our team is dedicated to helping organizations acquire the skills they need to onboard, develop, and mobilize all levels of leaders and create an environment where people are put in a situation to do their best work with people they enjoy. We are captivated by understanding and harnessing the power of leadership.  We are passionate about helping a leaders understand how…

  • there is strength in vulnerability,
  • to be truly comfortable leading in their own unique way,
  • they have a responsibility to treat others with respect through assertive and positive communication.

We believe that healthy organizations can only flourish when there is a respect for differences and uniqueness. Everyone has a bias filter that should be acknowledged and can be overcome with attention and practice. When enlightened, inclusive leaders come together, they create an environment which moves work beyond being work—or something to get through each week—to a state where all that are part of it are better off. This is why we get up every day, passionately learn, and help organizations be better!

What We Do  

We help you build strong leaders that create even stronger organizational cultures. Whether you need support assessing external or internal talent, developing executives through profoundly impactful leadership coaching experiences, or developing competence and drive behavior change with any level of leader, we will partner with you every step of the way.

How We Do It

You could say, we simply connect the dots. First, we get to know you. We take the time to listen and learn how your organization works and your unique issues. Next, we draw from a carefully curated catalog of powerful and proven development tools and processes to carefully craft a custom solution that fits your culture. We then pair that distinctive program with one or more of our expert coaches and consultants whose experience and industry knowledge elegantly complement the approach. Next, we apply world-class project management and accountability to assure that your engagement succeeds. Our clients appreciate how we track, monitor, and communicate progress both qualitatively and quantitatively. When stakeholders can see the transformational behavior change that occurs, the value of their investment in their employees becomes glaringly obvious.

What You Can Expect From Us

People-First Mindset

We believe investing in people is the best long-term solution to improving a business.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We actively recruit and employ a diverse cadre of coaching and consulting talent because we believe that variety of backgrounds and breadth of experience yields understanding and healthier cultures.

Attentive Service

We put our customer experience first, making each step of the process transparent and collaborative.

Reliable Results

We deliver tangible change that benefits leaders and their businesses.

Best-In-Class Solutions and Resources

We maintain a deep bench of certified consultants and a catalog of carefully crafted programs and processes chosen for their effectiveness.

Long-Term Partnerships

We take time to learn how your organization works, your unique culture and values, and your specific immediate needs and long-term goals.