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Creating World-Class Healthcare Leaders and Cultures 

Over the last decade, we have partnered with dozens of healthcare clients to implement a variety of healthcare leadership programs. Our goal is simple:  To advance healthcare leadership effectiveness and help create healthy, sustainable, high-performance cultures. Many of our coaches and consultants are equipped with direct clinical and administrative experience in senior-level positions within national and regional-based healthcare systems, academic and research institutions, as well as small and mid-sized hospitals.

Healthcare Leadership Development Designed for Healthcare Leaders  

We know it is vital for healthcare organizations to consistently deliver their important mission of providing high quality, cost-effective healthcare to their patients and communities. Leadership in healthcare is essential, and healthcare leaders play a critical role in achieving their organization’s mission. They are at the center of creating and sustaining an engaged workforce and a culture that is powered to perform. The unique and varied people and roles, non-stop schedules, low margins, high rate and intensity of change, and other key factors make leadership in healthcare challenging. We believe it is paramount to define the key competencies of exceptional healthcare leaders, deliver solutions that align with the culture, cadence, style of the workforce, and provide solutions with coaches & consultants that have deep experience in healthcare leadership.

Please check out the details of our blue-ribbon leadership in healthcare programs below.

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Leadership Coaching

We have worked with our clients to implement coaching programs for senior healthcare leaders, physician leaders, and nurse leaders. We have a deep bench of certified coaches with physician, nursing, and healthcare administration experience.

They have held roles such as:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive Vice President
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Senior Vice President
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Human Resources Director

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Coaching Programs Offered

  • Executive Coaching
  • Assimilation Coaching
  • Targeted Coaching
  • Talent Fit Coaching
  • Essentials Coaching

We have coached individuals at our healthcare clients at levels in the organization such as:

Chief Executive Officer • Hospital President • Chief Operating Officer • Chief Clinical Officer  • Chief Medical Officer • Chief Customer Officer • Chief Nursing Officer • Orthopedic Surgeon •

Critical Care Physician • Chief Quality Officer • Chief Legal Officer• Chief Development Officer • Dir. Outplacement Pharmacy • Cardiothoracic Surgeon • Chief Revenue Officer

Director of Operations • VP Physician Integration • Chair, Dept of Urology • Director, Emergency Services • COO Client Integration • VP, Information Technology • Infectious Diseases Physician • Chair, Internal Medicine •   SVP, Philanthropy

Leadership Development programs

We have developed and successfully implemented leadership programs for all levels of healthcare leaders – senior/executive, mid-level, and new or high potential leaders. See below for examples of programs we have crafted to support our healthcare clients.

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Healthcare Leadership 

A broad-based leadership development program to ensure enduring leadership behavior is aligned with healthcare culture. This program is designed to create, deliver, and sustain leaders with the skills necessary to function effectively in their roles and support the organization’s mission, vision, and values. One goal is to successfully grow organizational outcomes including improved patient satisfaction, quality outcomes, bottom-up innovation, engagement, and participation. Ultimately, this program aids in the recruitment and retention of talented individuals and helps build the depth necessary for succession planning. We have a full catalog of leadership training content which we modify to align with various groups in healthcare including physicians, nurses, and administrators.

Building Resilience
An interactive and insightful program that provides participants practical tools to withstand the impact of stressful events and bounce back from adversity. Using a well-established and research-based model, participants embrace the need to integrate resiliency practices into their daily routines, learn what it means to be more mindful, and create new habits to help sustain a more resilient lifestyle. Some of the expected outcomes of this program include: Understand the impact stress has on our lives, realize that we can all become more resilient and respond differently to challenging life events, establish a practice and ability to regularly recover, adapt, and grow from stress, and integrate new behaviors and mindsets into our daily lives.

Program Overview 

Dyad Leadership Program
Many healthcare organizations are structured in a dyad leadership model, pairing a clinical and operational leader together to run an organizational unit. The effectiveness of the dyad directly impacts the effectiveness of the organizational unit they lead. This leadership program is designed to improve senior leadership dyads through relationship building and defining role clarity and helps participants understand their own motivators, drivers, and natural ways of interacting with others. Understanding the diverse relational and leadership styles of each individual is key to forming mutually beneficial and productive relationships. After going through this program, participants will be able to build stronger relationships with their dyad partner, have meaningful discussions with their dyad partner, and create action plans to improve future dyad and team performance.

Program Overview 

Physician Coaching
Physician leaders regularly need to use coaching skills to build competence and culture within their organizational unit. Using our Cognitive Behavioral Learning Model, we help the coachee explore situations with a new perspective, understand themselves in a new way, create new mindsets for approaching difficult situations, and build new and more productive habits. This comprehensive program is designed to teach coaching concepts, theory, and techniques through a proven coaching model.  This program includes six full day workshops and six months of individual leadership coaching.

Program Overview 

Nurse Mentoring
The Nurse Mentoring Program aims to help your organization create and manage a 6 – 12 month long internal mentoring program. Our experts help you develop nurse leaders through supporting mentor selection, program design, mentor/mentee matching, program kick-off, and on-going support activities to keep the mentoring active and focused.  Topics such as leadership presence, communication, and trust building are explored, all while cultivating a trusted mentor-mentee relationship.

Team Development
Our robust team development program designed to expertly form and develop healthcare leadership teams.  Team coaches facilitate this program for intact work teams at any level within the healthcare organization.  This program will be customized to meet each team’s current situation and unique team development goals. Typically, we utilize the popular and effective The Five Behaviors™ model and materials (based on Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling book The Five Dysfunctions of a Cohesive Team) so participants can gain a better understanding of themselves, the personalities on their team, and how they can effectively work together. Through robust and candid facilitation, we provide the conditions and learning elements for the team to discover what it takes to build a truly cohesive team that delivers exceptional results by helping the team create new mindsets, develop action plans, and hold each other accountable to deliver results.

Program Overview 

Organizational Capabilities

We help large, complex healthcare systems with a wide array of services to build organizational capabilities to define and execute their mission, vision, and values. From small single day events to large scale projects, we have a team of organizational effectiveness professionals availble to support your varied and unique needs

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Culture Transformation

The key components of a strong culture are one that is clear, communicated well, and modeled by senior leadership.  Further, it identifies development opportunities, engages and inspires employees to participate, and determines success metrics aligned to organizational goals. We help organizations transform their culture into a healthy and robust one that is authentic to itself. We use a framework to guide key activities for culture transformation including focusing on how an organization does the following: Communicate, Model, Engage, Skill Build, and Reinforce & Reward. Our team will assist your organization’s culture transformation by providing support in road mapping and governance, project management, consulting on organizational communications, facilitation, providing training content, and coaching senior executives.

Merger Support

Healthcare organizations are merging at a staggering rate. We have experiences leading culture integration teams to aid in the merger process. We start by supporting the creation of a vision for the future for the newly merged organization. We then move on to the development and implementation of a plan to manage and sustain the cultural transformation. Our culture change process guides healthcare clients through the process of defining a desired culture, assessing the current culture, identifying the gap between the two, and creating an action and communication plan to implement outcomes.

Matrix Management Support
We understand the complexity of healthcare organizational structures and how managing in a matrix is critical to success. We have both consulting and learning solutions to help you make use of your matrix structure more effectively. We have worked with senior leadership teams at growing healthcare systems to identify the key issues surrounding leading effectively in a matrix organization. Let us lead you through our process of using a readiness assessment, roadmap design, organizational change planning, matrix management learning workshops, and the creation of a matrix deployment strategy.

Talent Assessment

Using the best pre-hire assessment tools available,  our team of Ph.D. I/O Psychologists and industry practitioners help our healthcare clients hire the best-fit person for the job. We have assisted our healthcare clients in implementing both Physician pre-hire assessment programs as well as Division Head/Chair pre-hire assessment programs.

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Executive Pre-Hire Assessment

The cost of a poor hire, especially in healthcare, is not only monetarily large but organizationally distracting. The purpose of our pre-hire assessment is to collect accurate and complete job and candidate data to recommend the best person for a specific job. Our Industrial/Organizational Psychologists use validated and world-class assessment tools to provide you with critical data far beyond what you can collect in a traditional interview. Our process works through the steps of gaining clarity on what is desired for the particular role, a qualitative and quantitative assessment, data analysis and reporting and a debrief/recommendation to the hiring manager.  We have strong experience assessing physician leaders from department chairs to a variety of physician specialties.

Sample Report 

Integrating Assessment Systems

We have vetted the market for the most insightful, cost-effective, and easy to use selection tools for all levels of hiring.  Through our distributor relationships, we can educate you on and provide access to a wide array of tools for hourly high-volume hiring to hard-to-fill professional-level roles.

Our Clients

We are fortunate to support many progressive healthcare organizations dedicated to developing leaders and creating strong cultures.

Dion Leadership Healthcare Clients

“The group coaching program that Dion Leadership created for our nurse managers was an incredible experience for all. The skill-set requirements of front-line management are far different than they were pre-pandemic. Dion’s program provided a foundation of leader competencies to help support and manage people more effectively. Our first cohort was so successful that we ran a second shortly thereafter. Dion’s work and partnership are highly valued by me and my organization.”

Christopher Jordan

Chief Nursing Officer, St. Peters Acute Care Division