Organizational Development

Organizational Development Consulting  

Organizational Development (OD) is the practice of planned, systemic, and intentional change in the beliefs and attitudes of employees for individual and company growth. The purpose of OD is to enable an organization to better respond and adapt to industry or market changes and technological advances. We focus on developing organization capability through alignment of strategy, structure, management processes, people, and rewards and metrics.

The roles we can play in support of your organization’s continuous and process improvement include serving as your:

• Systems Change Expert

• Business Adviser

• Credible Strategist

• Outside Consultant

Each OD effort is unique. We use best in class frameworks and tools, like the one below, and craft an approach that is customized to your unique needs for optimal organizational capabilities.

    a woman speaking at a meeting to depict organizational capabilities

    High Performing Culture Development  

    We define culture as the ‘way of life’ within an organization. It is the shared meanings, beliefs, assumptions, and norms that create common ways of viewing and solving problems. Cultures are created, whether you want them to form or not. Creating an intentional culture, aligned with your business strategy is an important lever to creating a long-term sustainable business. Our seasoned consultants provide practical solutions to help you understand the current state of culture in your organization and craft solutions to intentionally evolve the culture in healthy and sustainable ways.

      Culture Creators

      Transformational Change Consulting 

        Change is hard – for individuals, teams, and organizations. We see time and again that organizations underestimate the impact of implementing new technology, processes, and strategies has on people, leading to missed opportunities to fully leverage these investments.

        We have robust processes to help you design and lead change efforts, increasing the likelihood of success and reducing the unintended negative consequences of change.

        Combining change leadership training with strong change consulting create a powerful resource for you to speed up change and reap the benefits of your strategic investments.

        “Only 55% of change initiatives meet the goals and objectives they set out to.”

        Towers Watson Change and Communication ROI Survey