Talent Assessment

Leadership Fit Assessment  

The cost of a bad hire is astronomical. The more senior level the hire, the more important it is to select someone that has not only the right skills for the job but has the strong leadership skills and fit into the organization’s culture.

We provide full service executive assessment programs that analyze the job, administer targeted assessments to assess key job and culture attributes, behaviorally interview candidates, analyze the data, write a fit report with a hiring recommendation, and consult with the hiring manager on how to utilize the data.

Our talent assessment practice, led by Ph.D. I/O Psychologists and industry practitioners, assist you in hiring the best fit person using a combination of clear job analysis, targeted and holistic self-assessment, an unbiased and expert face-to-face interview with a skilled behavioral interviewer, and alignment with organizational culture and values. Critical assessment focus areas for organizational and job fit include leadership abilities, emotional intelligence, problem solving, work interests, and personality.

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    The process includes a simple and complete analysis of the candidates fit for this position within your company’s unique culture, development suggestions, and potential derailers.

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    To learn more, schedule a consultation where we can provide you with more information about our turnkey process and samples of the program.

    Pre-Employment Selection Tools 

    We know how valuable it is to use the right analytical pre-employment assessment tools to hire and promote talent. The assessment marketplace is fragmented, saturated, and filled with a wide range of predictability, usability, price, and value.

    On behalf of our clients, we vet the market for the best third-party tools for a specific hiring or development experiences.  We have created strong partnerships with assessment tools that are:

    • Valid and reliable
    • Create a positive candidate experience
    • User friendly (technology and reporting)
    • Easy to interpret for decision-making
    • Provide supporting reports and tools for development
    • Priced for high value
    • Backed by strong customer service, R&D, and stability of the assessment vendor

    Let us help you in-source an assessment or battery of assessments by providing contracting services, train-the-trainer, and ad-hoc support to internal talent assessment staff.

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      Career Development Center  

      Understanding the future potential of high potential leaders is a critical part of a robust succession planning process.  Moving beyond simple feedback from the participants manager to a more analytical process run by trained experts gives you important insights for long-term talent development planning.

      Our Career Development Center uses a variety of objective assessments and experiential exercises designed to give participants an opportunity to demonstrate their current level of mastery on a number of important leadership competencies and technical skills.

      Our goal is to work with you to objectively observe and measure high-potentials’ performance against important leadership competencies that are deemed essential for leadership success, such as inspirational leadership, people and organizational development, business excellence, and change leadership.