Performance Management Fundamentals

Using Dion Leadership’s SOAP model, learners will take a deep dive into the four steps in executing an impactful and clearly defined performance-management process. Learners will explore how to set and align goals, observe behavior to get results, assess and evaluate performance, and provide feedback and establish next steps. Role plays and case studies allow for learning application and peer feedback. This performance management course also emphasizes the skills and best practices that promote a productive feedback experience and uses a simple model and actionable techniques. 

Learners Will:

  • Discuss how and why organizations are evolving their approach to managing performance 
  • Explore an approach to setting goals and objectives that support those of the larger organization and write SMART goals 
  • Discuss and apply the SOAP model of managing performance, moving from setting objectives and observing behavior to assessing performance and providing feedback 
  • Improve the ability to give performance feedback at all levels 

Why This Matters:

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, only 20 percent of employees report feeling strongly that they are managed in a way that motivates them to perform, or that they receive meaningful feedback. Companies are taking notice and looking to reengineer their approach to performance management to ensure leaders are bringing out the best in their employees. 

Delivery Options:

In-Person: Half day

Live-Online: Two 2-hour instructor-led sessions


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