Strategic Thinking

This course explores the skill of strategic thinking and its application in addressing day-to-day challenges as well as complex business problems with a big-picture point of view. Strategic thinking is presented as a mindset that can be developed and applied through specific practices that spark new ideas, result in better decisions, and achieve results.



Learners Will:

  • Understand how strategic thinking compares to other critical-thinking skills
  • Explore a strategic-thinking framework for analyzing business issues
  • Understand how strategic thinking prompts creativity and innovation
  • Apply criteria to discern when a strategic-thinking approach is required
  • Apply strategic-thinking skills to address business challenges through scenarios
    and group work


Why This Matters: 

Whether you’re a front-line supervisor or a senior leader, the ability to think strategically is essential in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced business environment. Leaders who challenge assumptions, avoid groupthink, and navigate uncertainty by applying strategic thinking skills move organizations forward.


Delivery Options:

In-Person – Half day

Live-Online – Two 2-hour instructor-led sessions

See also:Strategic Planning; Critical Thinking; Decision Making and Problem Solving


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