Strategic Planning

This program explores the process of strategic planning, with focus on specific approaches to assessing current and future opportunities and creating actionable, results-driven plans to achieve short- and long-term goals. Proven methodologies and best practices for visioning, communication, stakeholder collaboration and buy-in, and change management are considered in order to make a strategic plan meaningful at all levels of the organization.


Learners Will:

  • Review the purpose of a strategic plan
  • Relate strategic planning to mission, vision, and values
  • Identify the characteristics and requirements of successful strategic plans,
    planning processes, and implementation
  • Apply learnings to create the foundation of a strategic plan for their team or
    business unit


Why This Matters: 

The ability to provide strategic direction for a team, business unit, or organization
increases the value a leader provides. This sometimes daunting responsibility is
made manageable through the application of specific methodologies and approaches
that illuminate critical details and set the foundation for achievement.


Delivery Options:

In-Person – Half day

Live-Online – Two 2-hour instructor-led sessions

See also: – Strategic Thinking; Critical Thinking; Decision Making and Problem Solving

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