Decision Making and Problem Solving

This program teaches a systematic approach to making decisions and solving problems in the workplace. Participants will consider the qualities and tendencies of effective decision makers and problem solvers, both according to research and based on their own personal experience. Participants will also examine various decision styles and reflect on the effectiveness of their own preferred styles. Straightforward models and time-tested problem-solving tools are reviewed and applied to both case studies and personal situations.


  • Explore a framework for making decisions and solving problems
  • Understand the hidden influences that affect thinking and decision quality
  • Explore the five decision styles and when to use them
  • Review practical tools to apply to day-to-day business decisions and problems


  • Increased ability to identify and address the core issues that drive problems and decisions
  • Increased effectiveness and confidence when making decisions and solving problems
  • Increased awareness of personal tendencies and styles when making decisions and solving problems


Decision Style Indicator (optional)


Classroom-based: Half day


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