Productive Conflict Management

This program combines the insights of the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict assessment with Dion Leadership’s practical, actionable model for conversations that address and resolve conflict in a healthy way. Learners increase their self-awareness regarding productive and destructive conflict behaviors and learn how to effectively respond to conflict in the workplace. They also plan, practice, and receive feedback on real-life conflict conversations in a way that builds skill and confidence that can be immediately applied. 


Learners Will:

  • Explore the destructive and productive conflict behaviors of each DiSC style 
  • Understand how to manage their response to conflict situations 
  • Discover communication strategies when engaging in productive conflict with colleagues 


Why This Matters:

Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable. What can be avoided, however, is the stress and loss of productivity and trust that can go with it. When individuals understand the strengths and challenges of their own conflict style and have the insight and tools to approach conflict as a necessary, productive experience, they solve problems more efficiently and build stronger relationships. 



Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile


Delivery Options:

In-Person: Full day

Live-Online: Two 3-hour instructor-led sessions plus self-paced prework


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