Impactful Presentations

Whether giving a presentation is an occasional task or a routine responsibility, leaders are expected to shine while informing, educating, or making a case in front of an audience. This course presents a structured approach to developing and delivering a presentation that is impactful and compelling, no matter its purpose. Learners will explore how to plan and organize both in-person and virtual presentations and apply best practices for engaging an audience, utilizing visuals, maintaining an appropriate energy level, handling tough questions and troublemakers, and making a call to action. 

Learners Will:

  • Explore two primary influence orientations and five unique influencing styles 
  • Identify primary and secondary circles of influence 
  • Examine the roles of trust and credibility in exercising influence 
  • Understand individual strengths and challenges for exercising influence 
  • Learn strategies for applying the range of influencing styles as situationally appropriate 

Why This Matters:

Presentation skills increase a leader’s influence. The ability to create well organized, focused, and compelling content and deliver it with confidence is an asset for any leader. 

Delivery Options:

In-Person: Full day


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