Dare to Lead

Employees value leaders who can build trust, stand in their values, and engage in the difficult conversations needed to address challenges that inevitably emerge when people work together. Such leaders also create cultures that reinforce these qualities in others. Building on the cumulative empirical findings of Brené Brown’s research that culminated in her current best-seller, Dare to Lead, this workshop helps individuals and teams to learn and cultivate the qualities that represent courageous leadership. The program is helmed by leadership coach and consultant Gale Thompson, Dion Leadership’s Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.


  • Learn the elements that distinguish courageous leaders and cultures
  • Identify and practice the four skill sets that make up courage, which are measurable, observable, and teachable
  • Understand the role of self-awareness and vulnerability play in cultivating courage
  • Recognize true obstacles in becoming a braver leader and developing a braver culture, then learn how to equip yourself to circumvent them


  • This course helps leaders apply and better understand Brene Brown’s best-selling book and research-based concepts,
  • Experiential sessions give participants the opportunity to practice the skills, including identify their values and commitments, which will support their continued growth
  • When teams engage in the curriculum as a group, they can share the vocabulary, evolve group goals, and support each other to cultivate more cultural and individual bravery


Daring Leadership Assessment


Classroom: 24 hours of content; may be delivered in intensive sessions or broken up a series per client and learner preferences, with opportunities for practice in between.

Virtual: 24 hours of content scheduled as a series, per client and learner preferences, with opportunities for practice in between

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