Building Resilience

Resilience gives us the ability to find new ways to behave and do business when the old ways don’t work anymore. Now more than ever, these new ways affect almost every aspect of life. This course provides learners with information, tools, and strategies to build resilience and help individuals successfully navigate stressful and difficult times. This course utilizes a four-part model that explores awareness, exposure, recovery, and mindset as key aspects of building resilience.


Learners Will:

  • Understand how resilience impacts their work life
  • Demonstrate more resilience and respond differently to challenging life events
  • Establish a practice and ability to regularly recover, adapt, and grow for stronger workplace well-being
  • Create a personalized action plan


Why This Matters:

The human brain is hardwired to be more heavily impacted by negative events. The ability to bounce back from that impact is a marker of personal well-being and leader effectiveness.


Delivery Options:

In-Person: Half day

Live-Online: One 2-hour instructor-led session plus self-paced prework


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