Women’s Leadership Program

Dion Leadership’s Women’s Leadership Program is a multifaceted, cohort-based learning experience that provides targeted opportunities for personal discovery, skill development, and relationship building. Participants gain deep and meaningful insight into their personal effectiveness through 360 feedback, which provides a foundation for creating actionable development goals. Discussions of gender differences in the workplace and modules on conflict, influence, accountability, and courageous leadership provide challenging perspective and build essential skills. Participants will also learn strategies for growing their professional networks and practice methods of self-care and mindfulness. Personal development planning is supported beyond the session with opportunities for individual coaching.


  • Explore professional and personal roles and goals in a supportive, challenging, and inspiring forum
  • Examine 360 feedback to gauge personal effectiveness and identify opportunities for development
  • Review methods of modeling and cultivating accountability and exercising influence as a leader
  • Explore and optimize personal conflict behaviors with Everything DiSC Productive Conflict
  • Practice mindfulness and methods of self-care that help manage stress and improve mental and physical wellness
  • Examine courage as an essential aspect of leadership
  • Create focused and actionable development plans that improve personal effectiveness


  • Targets key learning and networking needs of women leaders
  • Facilitates development of peer-to-peer support networks
  • Personalized feedback and coaching facilitate individualized growth


  • CCL 360
  • Everything DiSC Productive Conflict


Three days

Supported Competency Focus Area

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Relating
  3. Thinking
  4. Working
  5. Leading

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