Trust-Based Leadership

This comprehensive workshop is designed for front-line and middle managers in leadership positions. This program was created by one of the most influential writers and researchers on trust, Charlie Green. Charlie has written three best-selling books about trust, including Trust-Based Selling and The Trusted Advisor. The course includes a detailed assessment used as a diagnostic tool for leaders to understand their natural styles and how they align with the key behaviors that build trust. Leaders will learn how to create an environment of trust-based leadership and demonstrate credibility, reliability, intimacy, and self-orientation. 

Learners Will:

  • Define the difference between trusting and being trustworthy 
  • Analyze the Trust Quotient assessment to identify personal strengths and areas for trust development 
  • Apply five skills that build trust: listening, risk-taking, partnership, improvising, and self-awareness 
  • Implement a personal plan for building trustworthiness 


Why This Matters:

Trust is the basis for healthy individual and team relationships. When trust is established, interpersonal relationships and team dynamics improve, enabling the achievement of results. 



Trust Quotient Assessment



Delivery Options:

In-Person: Full day

Live-Online: Two 2-hour instructor-led sessions


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