Admired Leaders

Much of our ideas about leadership are shaped by our personal experiences. We all know of leaders whose style earned our admiration—and those whose left us frustrated or unimpressed. This course provides learners with opportunities to reflect what effective leaders do and say to bring out the best in others, the qualities of effective leaders, and personal leadership values. These qualities are then applied to the organization’s values or standards of success to give leaders the context they need to demonstrate these values or standards in their roles every day as they strive to be a leader others admire themselves.


Learners Will:

  • Consider the characteristics of admired leaders and what makes a leader successful
  • Explore effective leadership in the context of the organization’s values and standards of success


Why This Matters:

This approach explores the intersection between personal style and organizational expectations to help learners determine how they want to show up as leaders in order to most effectively impact both individuals and the business.


Delivery Options:

In-Person: 2 hours

Live-Online: One 2-hour instructor-led session plus self-paced prework


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