Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Workshop

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a nonjudgmental instrument that helps individuals and teams understand themselves and others in a way that is value-oriented versus evaluative. The preferences refer to gathering energy or processing thoughts, being detail-oriented versus big-picture-focused in gathering information, being objective or subjective in decision-making and being structured or go-with-the-flow in orienting one’s lifestyle. Prior to this course, learners will complete a 95-question instrument and identify a four-letter MBTI type. Learners will receive a personalized report based on their responses, which they will then review and debrief in the instructor-led session. 

Learners Will:

  • Increase self-awareness about type and recognize the value of differences 
  • Recognize the impact of MBTI type on leadership behaviors 
  • Identify verbal and non-verbal cues to each of the eight MBTI preferences 
  • Identify ways to flex type styles to improve interactions with others 
  • Identify specific actions to improve their own leadership and team effectiveness 

Why This Matters:

Leadership success begins with self-awareness. A leader’s MBTI results provide insights on the reasons behind behavior, preferences, and tendencies. With this information, leaders can leverage strengths, address challenges, and build better working relationships. 


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Self-Scorable Form M


Delivery Options:

In-Person: Half day or full day

Live-Online: One 4-hour instructor-led session


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