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Listening Intelligence for Leaders and Teams (LIFT)

If your company relies on effective communication for work productivity from leaders, within teams and by individual contributors, then Listening Intelligence for Leaders and Teams is a must-have for your organization. This program helps learn to leverage the essential tools of Listening Intelligence to improve their own performance as well as develop others. Senior leaders, mid-level or emerging managers, and individual contributors will come to understand how their own habitual listening tendencies impact their leadership influence as well as their team’s performance. Teams will learn to utilize the previously untapped cognitive diversity from the  individuals in the group to work smarter  together, saving time and resources while reaching new and exciting solutions.

Learners Will:

  • Explore the concept of listening intelligence and four main listening habits
  • Gain insight into their own listening habits and the listening habits of others
  • Apply their knowledge of listening habits and preferences to communicate and collaborate more effectively
  • Explore how a team can leverage individual listening habits and cognitive diversity to improve its effectiveness

Why This Matters:

Researchers have consistently found mindset to be a critical element of many aspects of life, including personal happiness, health, goal achievement—and professional success. The nature of a leader’s attitudes and approaches to issues in the workplace can be the difference between a positive or a negative outcome.

Delivery Options:

Live-Online: Four, 2-hour instructor-led modules with intersession assignments