Leading with Agility

Agility in a leadership context is about being able to take action and make decisions that move the business forward in the face of uncertainty and change. This takes creativity, flexibility, and innovation, as well as the ability to balance urgency with deliberate action. It relies on a leader’s ability to manage change, conflict, and resources and solve problems to achieve goals. This program explores the concept of agility and presents a model that targets positive outcomes by emphasizing purpose, self-awareness, mindset, intention and deliberate action, and reflection.

Learners Will:

  • Explore the concept of leadership agility how it impacts the ability to stay productive in a changeable work environment
  • Review and apply a model for demonstrating leadership agility
  • Examine mindset and its impact on leadership agility


Why This Matters: 

In today’s tumultuous workplace—where situations are complex, uncertain, and highly fluid—success requires leaders who are open to new ways of thinking and working. However, when problems become difficult or stressful, leaders are inclined to fall back on comfortable old habits to see them through, whether they are the best way forward or not. Leadership agility offers leaders the ability to respond more effectively and increase the likeliness of a positive outcome.


Delivery Options:

In-Person – Half day

Live-Online – Two 2-hour instructor-led sessions


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