Leading in a Matrix

Leading in a matrix organization presents unique demands and challenges. Without effective leadership in this highly complex environment, the competition for resources and a lack of role clarity can jeopardize accountability and trust. Success in a matrix requires particular attention to certain key skills, including collaboration, decision making, conflict resolution, communication, influence, and performance management, often applied in new ways. In this program, participants will explore the matrix structure, its function and importance, and its impact on how individuals work and how leaders get results.


  • Define what it means to lead in a matrix
  • Examine the challenges and benefits of leading in a matrix
  • Explore the key leadership shifts required for success
  • Discover best practices for organizational impact
  • Practice key skills for successful matrix leaders
  • Create a leadership action plan


  • Intimidation and skepticism about leading in a matrix structure is addressed and mitigated
  • Emphasis on applying existing competencies and skills in new ways demystifies the matrix structure
  • Application of discoveries and best practices result in immediate organizational impact


Self-assessment (in participant guide)


Classroom-based: Half day

Supported Competency Focus Area

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Relating
  3. Working
  4. Leading
  5. Teaming

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