Exercising Influence


The ability to influence others is an essential skill for both established and emerging leaders in the workplace. This program explores two primary influence orientations and five unique influencing styles that allow leaders to make connections, gain buy-in and support, promote ideas, maximize opportunities for collaboration and cooperation, and get results. Participants use the Influence Style Indicator assessment to determine which of these styles is most dominant for them, which are preferred, and which are underutilized, all of which is summarized in a personalized feedback report. This personalized report addresses individual strengths and challenges, explains how to address underutilized styles, and provides tips for utilizing influence effectively.


  • Explore two primary influence orientations and five unique influencing styles
  • Identify primary and secondary circles of influence
  • Examine the roles of trust and credibility in exercising influence
  • Understand individual strengths and challenges for exercising influence
  • Learn strategies for applying the range of influencing styles as situationally appropriate


  • Increased individual and organizational effectiveness
  • Enhanced working relationships
  • Actionable strategies for increasing the ability to exercise influence


Influence Style Indicator


Classroom: Half day

Virtual: Two 2-hour instructor-led modules

Blended: Two 90-minute instructor-led modules with 1 hour of self-paced work

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