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Everything DiSC® Management

Everything DiSC® Management teaches participants how to read the styles of the people they manage. The result is managers who adapt their styles to manage more effectively. This course focuses on your DiSC Management Style, directing and delegating, motivation, developing others, and working with your manager.


  • Discover your DiSC Management Style by completing an online assessment
  • Recognize the DiSC styles of people you manage
  • Identify strengths and challenges when directing and delegating
  • Discover how your DiSC style affects the motivation of others and how to adapt
  • Learn about your natural style of developing others and how to accommodate other style preferences using DiSC
  • Learn how to modify your approach to meet the needs and preferences of your manager


  • A better understanding of yourself, your boss, and your employees
  • Proven methods on how to adapt your management style to meet the needs of others


Everything DiSC® Management Profile


Classroom: 6 hours

Virtual: Two 2-hour instructor-led modules

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