Training Classes

Creating Work-Life Alignment

An Essential Skills Training Course for Managers

A Blended Learning Program
Using a research-based model that teaches four essential strategies managers can put into practice immediately to help their people create better work-life alignment.

Who Is It For?
People managers at all organizational levels. From first-line supervisors to senior leaders, everyone can learn new insights and become more motivated to improve work-life alignment.

How It Works:

  1. Enroll
    Invite a cohort of up to 20 managers in your organization to attend. Participants will receive access to the on-line learning course, instructions to prepare for the live virtual workshop, and expectations for creating their action plan.
  2. Learn
    Over two weeks, participants work independently to complete the six-module course. After about 90 minutes of learning time, the participants will create, save, and print an action plan in preparation for the live workshop. Self-Paced E-Learning
  3. Apply
    In the live 90-minute virtual session, an expert facilitator guides the cohort through the four essential strategies, provides feedback on their action plan, and makes suggestions on how to overcome challenges and apply their learning. Instructor Led

Solving Today’s Problem:

When employees are unable to align job responsibilities with life’s demands. . .

  • Star employees leave
  • Teams argue
  • Employees gripe
  • Important projects fail
  • Employee health costs rise

Four Essential Strategies:

This research-based model is proven to help your employees reduce work-life conflict, increase engagement, and improve well-being.