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A Critical Skills Training Course for Managers


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Many of us report having too much going on. Life can be messy, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming. Personal and professional commitments fill our days and zap our energy. Our pursuit of being a good employee, parent, sibling, son or daughter, friend, and citizen can be all consuming.

It’s no surprise that stress and burnout have reached record highs in today’s workplace.

When personal and professional obligations conflict, the negative effects on mental and physical health impact employees and ripple out to their colleagues, families, and friends. Employees become less committed, less satisfied with their jobs, less engaged, and less safe. Worker productivity drops. Absenteeism and turnover soar.

Clever phrases like the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting gain national attention while leaders struggle to hire and retain workers.

The idea that employees are on their own to manage work-life conflict is outdated.

Organizations that are committed to attracting and retaining valuable talent must accept that employee well-being is a shared responsibility. Some employers have adopted wellness programs, created flexible work policies, or incorporated other tokens of goodwill. While these are a great start, most organizations are ignoring or underutilizing their most important resource—managers.

Research conducted by Dr. Ellen Ernst Kossek and Dr. Leslie Hammer proves an employee’s ability to align their work and personal responsibilities hinges on the extent to which their managers demonstrate four specific strategies. It also shows that managers who consistently demonstrate these strategies positively impact employee engagement, retention, and well-being.

In collaboration with Drs. Kossek and Hammer, the Dion Leadership team has created a new training program that teaches four essential strategies managers can put into practice immediately to help their people create better work-life alignment.

The Creating Work-Life Alignment training course is designed for people managers at all organizational levels. From first-line supervisors to senior leaders, everyone can benefit from integrating these four strategies and become more motivated to improve work-life alignment.

Creating Work-Life Alignment-4 Must Haves

Using either the eLearning or blended learning course format, participants will:

  • Understand the individual and organizational value of manager behaviors that support their employees’ achievement of work-life alignment
  • Explore the current state of personal perceptions, barriers, and behaviors related to supporting work-life alignment
  • Learn the details of four specific behaviors that supervisors exhibit to support work-life alignment among their employees: Connect, Respond, Rethink, and Model
  • Create an action plan to improve or broaden the demonstration of these behaviors

If you’d like to learn more about the Connect, Respond, Rethink, and Model behaviors, please download our complimentary e-book 4 Management Must-Do’s to Boost Employee Well-Being. 

Please reach out if you are interested in implementing this course or other leadership development and coaching solutions for your organization’s managers.

    Steve Dion-Founder & CEO-Dion Leadership

    Steve Dion

    Founder & CEO

    Steve has dedicated his career to understanding and improving organizational cultures through the creation and deployment of innovative assessment, leadership, and team development programs. He is a regular contributor to CEOWORLD magazine, Chief Executive, Fast Company, HRCI’s HR Leads Business Blog, and Training Industry. He was also recently interviewed for the Wall Street Journal’s “As We Work” podcast. Earlier this year Steve and his Dion Leadership colleagues launched a new e-learning course that supports work-life alignment.

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