Change Leadership

This course teaches the skills individuals need to navigate and lead others through times of change. Learners will explore the nature of change in the workplace and become aware of their personal styles and tendencies when faced with a change situation. They will also learn reasons people resist change and explore the stages people go through when moving through change. This information will the allow them to more effectively navigate change themselves and provide leadership and insight to others in change situations.


Learners Will:

  • Discuss the importance of accountability to the success of the individual, team, and organization
  • Explore the accountability/victim dynamic and the effect of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect accountability
  • Discuss accountability from the perspective of a leader and an employee
  • Create action plans to improve skills and practices for building accountability


Why This Matters:

Change in the workplace is constant, and this approach explores self-awareness regarding change readiness. These techniques address ways to handle resistance to change and the tools that enable the successful management of the people side of change.



Change Style Indicator (optional)


Delivery Options:

In-Person: Half day or full day

Live-Online: Two 2-hour instructor-led sessions plus self-paced prework


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