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Presentation Skills for Non-Native English Speakers

In today’s global business world, the ability to effectively communicate a message in person and online is critical to a leader’s success. A leader who can deliver strong, clear presentations is better positioned to influence others and to be recognized for their contributions. This can be particularly challenging for people whose mother-tongue is not English. Lack of clarity can be caused by limited vocabulary, differences in sentence structure or a strong accent, but it can also be caused by not being explicit or direct enough. Furthermore, what constitutes a “good” presentation in one culture may not be acceptable in another. Instructor Barbara Boldt is an international facilitator, educator, and coach with two decades of experience empowering global managers and executives to deliver clear, impactful, memorable messages.


  • Become aware of cultural differences in communication style
  • Practice making a powerful introduction
  • Explore expectations of culturally diverse audiences
  • Organize content for maximum impact
  • Create effective visual support materials
  • Demonstrate confidently managing a question and answer session
  • Deliver authentically with poise and assurance


  • Specifically addresses issues faced by non-native speakers of English when they make presentations in English
  • Focuses on being clear, confident, and understood
  • Allows ample time to practice and receive targeted feedback


Classroom: Four 3-hour sessions with 8 hours of additional self-paced work

Blended: Four 2-hour sessions with 8 hours of additional self-paced work


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