Cultural Intelligence

In today’s connected workplace, global leadership skills are becoming increasingly fundamental. For those charged with leading global teams, success requires culture intelligence (CQ), or the capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations, both domestically and internationally. This cultural intelligence training program is based on the learnings and insights provided by the Cultural Intelligence Assessment, a tool created by the Cultural Intelligence Center. Per the assessment, a leader’s CQ score predicts a variety of important outcomes, including performance, global leadership, collaboration, trust, intercultural negotiation skills and multicultural team processes. Insight into a leader’s CQ offers a fresh approach to diversity and inclusion and provides a data-driven approach to leveraging and growing cultural intelligence.


  • Explore a critical-thinking framework for analyzing business issues
  • Understand the hidden influences that affect thinking and decision quality
  • Apply criteria to discern when a critical-thinking approach is required
  • Explore the five decision styles and when to use them
  • Review practical tools to apply to day-to-day business decisions and problems


  • Increased ability to identify and address the core issues that drive problems and decisions
  • Increased effectiveness and confidence in approach and execution of decisions
  • Increased awareness of personal tendencies and styles in situations that require critical thinking


Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment


Classroom: Half day

Blended: Two 2-hour instructor-led modules with 1 hour of self-paced work

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