Communicating Authentically Through Storytelling

An executive’s success extends beyond the ability lead by the numbers. As the face of the organization, a leader must communicate clearly and authentically, both in the day-to-day interactions and in response to current events and crises. The ability to meet those moments has as much to do with how a message is delivered as the message itself. This course equips executives with three primary tools of authentic communication: vulnerability, storytelling skills, and presence. Vulnerability evokes trust and enables a connection with the audience. Stories are the perfect vehicle to express empathy and compassion. When they engage with presence, the leader projects an image that others want to follow. Instructor Barbara Boldt is an international facilitator, educator, and coach with two decades of experience empowering global managers and executives to deliver clear, impactful, memorable messages.


Explore the concepts of vulnerability and authenticity and their role in shaping perceptions of executive presence.

  • Examine storytelling as a tool for evoking emotion and connection and conveying vulnerability and authenticity
  • Define the concept of presence and increase self-awareness of the gap between the participant’s current and optimal levels
  • Deliver the chosen story with vulnerability, authenticity, and presence in order to project the desired image.
  • Receive and process feedback regarding image portrayed and create an action plan for further development.


  • Participants gain awareness of their range of expression and build the confidence to embrace their role as the face of the organization, especially in challenging times.
  • Allows executives to examine and practice these skills in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Leaders will be more able to engender trust in their audiences, attracting and retaining talent, increasing employee engagement and generally inspiring action.


Classroom: Four 3-hour sessions with 8 hours of additional self-paced work 

Blended: Four 2-hour sessions with 8 hours of additional self-paced work


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